Award Winning

Do you want the best in Bollywood Entertainment?

Look no further than the award winning, International dancers that are…Socharo Dance.

Socharo Dance prides itself on being the number one Bollywood dance company in the entertainment industry, performing worldwide showcasing the colour, essence and sheer beauty that is Bollywood dance.

Socharo Dance caters for all types of events and occasions – from intimate Mehndi nights, large Weddings to Corporate events, TV and Film work.

Passion & Energy

Sophie, Charlotte and Rosie resided in India after intensive dance training in the U.K. On returning to the U.K the three wanted to demonstrate their passion through collectively embracing the dance form that is Bollywood, with the aim to showcase this to all cultures; to those who are familiar with the genre and to those who are experiencing this amazing dance form for the first time.

From the traditional repertoire to the famous modern Bollywood Hits, Socharo Dance showcase the fascinating world of Bollywood through the energy of the performance, the colour of the costumes and the precision of the choreography and formations – Socharo Dance are sure to leave your guests wanting more.


Not only this but Socharo are also the number one choice of Backing dancers for Artists such as; H-Dhami, Zack Knight, Jasmine Walia, Juggy-D, RDB ‘s Manj Music and many more.

“The group is totally outstanding I have checked other dance groups and Socharo are the most energetic, well choreographed and fantastic looking. I so glad I chose them and I will again in the future. The girls were not only great at their job but were extremely patient and very friendly. Thank you Socharo, my guests are going to remember this night for years thanks to you.”

– Donzai Salvatore